Aquaphor ULTRA

Fully automatic UF product that filters any visible sediment and impurities: turbidity, colloid iron, organic macromolecules (i.e. humic acids), bacteria, viruses (virus size ranges from 12 to 300 nm.), lamblia cysts and other intestinal parasites.

Filtration system utilizes economically beneficial, environmentally friendly and efficient purification technology to remove submicron impurities from water by ultrafiltration. This technology implements the so-called hollow fiber as the basic working element. It is technologically possible to produce a fiber with pores up to 0.005 micron.

Technical specification


The Aquaphor Ultrafiltration system based on hollow fiber membranes can ensure Dead-end ultrafiltration process, i.e. filtration through the fiber with alternate direct and backflushing cycles that substantially reduces water consumption. Water is filtered perpendicularly to the hollow fiber surface and this reduces a risk to clog the hollow fiber.


Ultrafiltration technology ensures a physical barrier against microbes and suspended particles to get pure drinking water. In additional, ultrafiltration is utilized in the pretreatment of water from bare sources, of seawater, as well as of water that underwent biological treatment before RO systems and other membrane water purifiers (for instance, electrodialysis plants).


— Pre-filtration before the water desalination unit.
— Ultrafiltration system can replace coagulation and mechanical filtration, this improves the quality of the treated water, reduce membranes and ion-exchange resin pollution, and significantly increase their lifetime.
— Final ultra-clean municipal water filtration in the cottages, apartments, manufacturing, restaurants, hotels
— Reagent-free disinfection with simultaneous removal of turbidity and color of borehole, wells, river and lake water and water containing high molecular organics.
— Cleaning of water in swimming pools without chemicals.
— It eliminates the costly and cumbersome purification filters.
— Bleaching and disinfection of drinking water while preserving the natural mineral background, which is essential for the production of bottled water.

Specification Aquaphor ULTRA

Total membrane area, m21020
Initial capacity (0.1 Mpa, 25°С), m3/hour1.63.2
Number of units24
Rated capacity (0.1 Mpa, 25°С), m3/hour0.6-1.01.2-2.0
Port sizes (inlet/ outlet/ drain)G3/4"G3/4"
Overall dimensions1300x430x4101300x430x410
Weight, kg1231
Max. working temperatue, °С4545
Membrane materialPSPS
Material of the membrane unit housing and pipelinesPVCPVC
Membrane pore sizes, kDa (micron)67 (less than 0.01)67 (less than 0.01)
Max. size of particles that can be contained in water fed to the ultrafiltration system (for models with 0X index (microns)200200
Membrane unit size, mm90 x 1000 (DN20)90 x 1000 (DN20)
Power supply, VAC, VDC220, 12220, 12
Power consumption, Wt66
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