Aquaphor A800

Aquaphor A800 has fully automatic processor control and demonstrate exceptional salt efficiency and high iron removal.

The system employs innovative Dual Core Valves that increase regeneration. Efficient and durable softener tank contain extra fine mesh, tightly compacted, chlorine resistant ion-exchange resin.

— Aquaphor 800 contains 23 liters of ion-exchange resin

Aquaphor A800 Technical specification


— The innovative two-cylinder head valve regulates water flow in and out of the softener tank. It has fewer parts, shorter and wider fluid pathways, self-locking/self- pressurizing mechanism.
— Removal of high concentration of Fe (up to 15 ppm).
— 10-year warranty.
— Made in the USA.
— NSF certification pending.
— Very low salt consumption.
— Fast IER regeneration.
— Easy installation and set-up. Minimum maintenance requirements.


— Simultaneous removal of iron, manganese, and hardness.
— Reliable fittings of stainless steel and the drain hose in the set.
— Reliability and durability of all over the pressure range from 1.5 to 7 atm.

1. The compact housing type "Cabinet".
2. Highly dispersed high-capacity sorbent provides high performance and total removal of iron, manganese, and hardness.
3. The patented proprietary valve provides an uninterrupted filter operation during its lifetime.
4. Controller with a big informative screen.
5. The patented reticulated flow distributor dispatches the flow of treated water throughout the sorbent volume.
6. The cover slider for easy access to the salt tank and filter ensure compactness.
7. The bypass valve in the set.
8. Extremely reliable tank from strong glass-filled plastic.

System conforms to NSF/ANSI 44 for the specific performance claims as verified and substantiated by test data.

Maximum Capacity, g
Maximum Compensated Hardness, mg/l
Maximum Ferrous Iron Reduction, mg/l*
Minimum pH, standard units
Water & Ambient Temperature Minimum-Maximum, °C
4° – 49°
Minimum – Maximum inlet water pressure, bar
1.5 – 7.0
Minimum flow rate during backwash, l/min**
Maximum flow rate to drain during regeneration, l/min**
Operating / Maximum flow rate (at 1.0 bar drop), l/min***
25 / 38
Pressure Drop at 22.7 l/min (6 gpm), bar
Regeneration Activation (Controller type)
Regenerated Capacity / Salt / Water / Time for regeneration
– High efficiency mode, g / kg / l / min
583 / 1.0 / 66 / 23
– High Capacity mode, g / kg / l / min
1223 / 3.0 / 90 / 33
– Automatic mode, g / kg / l / min
1555 / 5.4 / 110 / 44
Electrical Rating
12VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.015 kW-hr
Plumbing Connections (NPT)
1" (MNPT) / ¾" (FNPT)
Minimum Drain Line ID, inches (mm)
5/8 inch (16)
Media Tank Size - (ID x Height), inches (mm)
10.5 x 23 (267 x 584)
Height, inches (mm)
Footprint, inches (mm)
404 x 485
Shipping Weight - approx., kg
Media Type/ Amount. Fine Mesh Resin, l (cu.ft)
23 (0.8)
Salt for regeneration
clean white pellet, cube-style, or solar salt
Brine & Rinse total, l/m
Brine Draw, l/m
Rinse, l/m

* Iron reduction down to 0.3 mg/l or less. Manganese reduction down to 0.1 mg/l or less.
** Rate of flow must be verified at the end of the drain line.
*** For the purposes of plumbing appliance sizing, only the rated service flow rate and corresponding pressure loss may be used. Prolonged operation of a water soſtener at flow rates exceeding the tested service flow rate of 5.5 gpm (20.8 l/min) may compromise performance. Intermittent flow rate must not exceed 9.3 gpm (35.2 l/min).
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