Commercial RO water purification system for bars, restaurants, commercial coffee machines and other business applications. Daily water consumption of up to 2 cubic meters. Optionally APRO-MCR 90 may be used for the small whole-home application, in this case, requires an additional tank.

Smart permeate recovery up to 95%
Patented, computer-controlled high-frequency drainage system. High-speed recirculating water flow keeps the membrane clean, provides exceptionally high permeate recovery, while the wastewater drainage is dramatically reduced.

Drastic energy use reduction*
Extremely low energy consumption is achieved due to the synergy of the combination of a small high-efficiency booster pump (up to 16 bar) and a secondary high-flow yet low-energy recirculation pump.

Reduced consumption of antiscalants
Computer-controlled high-frequency drainage, the system works either without any antiscalant or with the reduced consumption of antiscalants.

*in a typical application

Small RO system for HoReCa

AP.RO-MCR 90 is a nimble and amazingly feasible solution for real-life requirements in HoReCa business and the like. With its innovative membrane anti-clogging system, powered by two energy-saving pumps, AP.RO-MCR 90 provides clean drinking water with up to 50% energy savings. A great deal to keep operating costs at a reasonable level.

Space saving design

Remote access

Features of AP.RO-MCR Series

Basic Equipment

Stainless steel gauges
Low inlet pressure shutoff
High permeate pressure shutoff
Double BB pre-filters
Build-in 2 L storage tank for permeate
Concentrate flushing valve
Permeate drainage valve
Fully equipped electric board

Specification APRO-MCR 90 LPH

Permeate Flow, LPH
Membrane Quantity
Membrane Size, inch
2 x 3012
Max inlet TDS, ppm
Production of clean water LPH
Reduction of salt content, %
Up to 85
System recovery, %
Input pressure, bar
1 - 4
Power consumption, Wt/h
Power supply
24VDC (AC/DC adapter is installed)
Dimensions, mm
490 x 470 x 555
Net weight, kg
Sizing (inlet, outlet, concentrate)
3⁄8” / 1⁄4” / 1⁄4” 3G
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