AP.RO-HF 1000 whole-home & commercial water purifier

Eco-friendly 1000 LPH (liter per hour) solution for multipurpose whole-home RO water purification that fits houses or commercial applications. Inexpensive, practical AP.RO-HF 1000 water purifier replaces cheaper to buy, but more expensive to use water softeners. Previously costly and less-efficient reverse osmosis for the whole-home has been used only in extreme cases of difficult to clean water.

Smart permeate recovery up to 95%
Patented, computer-controlled high-frequency drainage system. High-speed recirculating water flow keeps the membrane clean, provides exceptionally high permeate recovery, while the wastewater drainage is dramatically reduced.

Drastic energy use reduction*
Extremely low energy consumption is achieved due to the synergy of the combination of a small high-efficiency booster pump (up to 16 bar) and a secondary high-flow yet low-energy recirculation pump.

Reduced consumption of antiscalants
Computer-controlled high-frequency drainage, the system works either without any antiscalant or with the reduced consumption of antiscalants.

* in a typical application

Game-changing efficiency of RO station

AP.RO-HF 1000 is a sustainable option to salt-emitting softeners for households and small municipal entities thanks to its innovative membrane anti-clogging system, powered by two energy-saving pumps. Two inexpensive pumps together create a fast circulating flow with up to 50% energy savings compared to one much more expensive pump is a classic system.

Features of AP.RO-HF 1000

Basic Equipment

High rejection membranes
Multi-stage Grundfos booster pump
Single-stage Grundfos recirculation pump
Stainless steel seamless pressure vessels with the novel waterflow geometry (patent pending)
Stainless steel frame and equipment panel
Fully equipped electrical board
Conductivity monitoring
Turbine flow transmitters
High-pressure shutoff
Low-pressure shutoff
Double BB pre-filters

Specification AP.RO-HF 1000

Permeate Flow, LPH
Membrane Quantity
Max inlet TDS, ppm
Max inlet TDS, ppm
Production of clean water LPH
Reduction of salt content, %
Up to 96%
System recovery, %
Membrane's type
4 x 4040
Power consumption, kWt/h
0.7 - 1 kWt/h per 1 m3 permeat
Power supply
220V, 50Hz
Dimensions, mm
1140 x 695 x 1270
Net weight, kg
Sizing (inlet, outlet, concentrate)
1" / 1⁄2” / 1⁄2” NPT (PB)
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