Hospitals and medical sites

Our knowledge and experience in this sphere enable us to design the most suitable systems for high reliability processes.

Bnay Zion Medical Center, Israel, Haifa
Bnay Zion Medical Center, Israel, Haifa
Case study: Hospital maintenance requires large amounts of heated water or steam to support all the scope of medical and hygiene needs

Products we offer to hospitals and medical sites

  • Water for Sterile supply
  • Water production systems for dialysis systems
  • Main water treatment systems for general use
  • Disinfection systems
  • GRUNDFOS Chlorine dioxide complete reactors and dosing systems
  • Water for energy systems such as steam boilers , cooling towers , close loops and hot water
  • Water for laundries
  • Pure Water (PW) for labs

Learn more about:

  • Dosing and control systems
    The dosing and control systems can be provided with a fully pre-built Polypropylene system skid equipped with spill containment cells or with a wall-mounted installation option.

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