Containerized water purification plant

The stand-alone drinking water production at any spot in the world, no matter what is the quality of the incoming water. With 13 consecutive purification stages, this mobile solution represents all the processes performed at a drinking water plant, providing safe, soft, and healthy to drink water.

Any source of water
Fast production of clean drinking water from wells, open sources like lakes, rivers, ponds, and brackish water.

Instant deployment
13 stages of water treatment technologies are packed in the size of a standard 20 ft container that can be mounted as far as 20 meters high,100 meters away from any available water source and launched immediately.

Over 10 years of operation
Robust and tamper-proof self-sufficient construction of the container protects the high-end equipment against the weather and other threats. It is ideal as a temporary or permanent solution for drinking or tap water supply.

Requires minimal maintenance
User-friendly plug-and-play installation with minimized maintenance costs. Operated without professional support. It can be equipped with a solar panel and satellite connection. Remote control through encrypted internet traffic allows the monitoring of all system indicators from anywhere in the world.


The travelling water plant

A breakthrough combination of flagship AQUAPHOR technologies is packed in one standard container. This mobile solution delivers clean drinking water that meets the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality at a very low projected operating cost of fewer than €0.20 per cubic meter.

AQUAPHOR container water purification plant guarantee

Container or mobile water treatment plants are a fast and highly flexible way of obtaining drinking water from wells and open resources exactly when and where it is needed.
Quick access to drinking water
Transportation is easy and the container is connected to a single inlet and outlet pipe and electrical supply at the treatment site. Full-fledged water production starts with minimal impact on other operations.
Maximum safety for drinking water
UF-RO purification systems reject even the tiniest amounts of impurities in water making it safe to drink. In addition to common contaminants, UF-RO systems remove fluoride, cysts, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics and hormones.
Fast delivery times
At our production site, we have all the necessary components to assemble the tailored container water plant according to the specifications of a clients project.

A detailed description of water purification stages

The multistage water purification stages inside the AQUAPHOR mobile purification plant includes:

1. Submersible screen filter with the high-efficiency built-in suction pump and automatically backwashable 1 mm prefilter. Up to 20 meters of height difference between the submersible filter and the containerized system.
2. Flocculation stage with the automatic computer-controlled Grundfos dosing station
3. Hydrocyclone for filtering out large particulates
4. Sedimentation tank with the automatic electrochlorination* and filtering out fine precipitate
5. Automatical CIP (clean in place) backwashable 200 microns screen filter
6. Activated carbon with silver to remove active chlorine and organics.
7. 5 microns polypropylene melt-blown cartridge filtration stage
8. Reverse osmosis 2000 LPH (liter per hour) with the automatic chemical CIP (clean in place)** and automatic antiscalant dosing station
9. Remineralization
10. Permeate collection station (800 L) with the automatic chlorination
11. Automatic ultraviolet recirculation
12. 2 automatic filling stations for water (25Lcontainers)
13. Section for empty bottles washing and disinfection

* innovative fully automatic low-cost electrochlorination system where highly active chlorine solution is generated using revere osmosis water and salt
** self-cleaning RO membrane patented technology

The system is designed for any kind of impurities including but not limited to positively negatively neutrally charged dissolved and suspended matter, humic acids and other types of impurities.

The WHO standards quality of drinking water is assured by the combination of chemical pretreatment, removal of any particulates, activated carbon, 0.01 microns automatic ultrafiltration followed by high-efficiency RO with 3 point measurement and analysis of the salt content presence to assure smooth operation (before and after RO membrane).

Automatic data control and analysis at the central control station, which can physically be set anywhere in the world.

The equipment is installed, connected, wired and tested.

Automatic temperature control using Japanese hot-cold temperature control system. Outside temperature from -25 C to 50 C. If the outside temperature drops exceed this limit, please consult the factory for additional measures.

Please require special options for seawater desalination.

More container solutions

This particular containerized solution is equipped specially for the needs of the small village in the EU to serve as a compact ultrafiltration water purification plant.

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