Sova beer restaurant, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

Sova (The Owl) bar is both a restaurant and a small private brewery, which focuses on the three most demanded types of beer: lager, dark and wheat. There are now three locations of the Sova bar in the city of Petropavlovsk, which is the historic center of trade between Russia and Central Asia and is situated along the busy Trans-Siberian Railway.

Client`s challenge

Both locals and travelers highly value the freshness and taste of the beer they try in the Sova bar. Maintaining the quality makes clients return for a glass of beer during their next trip through the city and helps them to maintain their standing as a popular place to visit among locals. The beer, as a flagship Sova product, gets special public attention.

Key problems

Beer production is a water-intensive process, so the taste of the product heavily depends on the initial water quality. The Sova bar owners sacrificed offering a wide assortment of beers and left three beer styles for the sake of focusing on high-quality ingredients and modern equipment. Investment into a reliable reverse osmosis system is among the most important expenditure for every HoReCa outlet, where food and drinks are produced on a daily basis.

Stable water supply

Water for a brewery should be free from any harmful contaminants (especially chlorine) while still possessing a certain mineralization level. The main goal of it is to ensure the smooth flow of the beer production process as well as provide enough clean water for cooking and maintaining a restaurant.

Water hardness

Dealing with hard water in Kazakhstan is a countrywide battle. Naturally, in many regions, it is highly mineralized and, in some regions, the water contains mechanical particles. In Petropavlovsk, the water is very hard and finding a cost-effective and water-saving reverse osmosis system is a big issue.


Aquaphor APRO HP series reverse osmosis system for commercial application with an additional external water tank. This type of the system allows for the consistent production of high-quality water for business. It can be applied not only in HoReCa's industry, but also in food, health care and manufacturing industries.

Project data

  • Aquaphor APRO HP
  • Process: RO
  • RO recovery: up to 85 %
  • Capacity: 350-400 LPH


  • Extended membrane life
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Space saving design
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Stainless steel frame and multistage stainless steel Grundfos pump
  • MP controller for quality monitoring
  • High rejection TFC Membranes
  • Panel mounted Glycerin-filled Gauges
  • Low pressure shutoff
  • Double pre-filter
  • High pressure stainless steel piping
  • Low pressure PVC piping
  • Belimo actuated flush valve

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