Making rainwater safe to drink

How to turn rainwater into safe drinking water?

Starting from the early 2000s, the process of rainwater harvesting and reuse has been gaining popularity in the European Union and around the world. During the past 20 years, more than several million tanks were installed by households and companies in the EU to collect rainwater for servicing toilets, watering gardens and washing cars. But is it safe to use this water for drinking and cooking?

Key problems of rainwater collection

The rainwater is collected in concrete or plastic tanks using a system of gutters on the roof. Sounds romantic, but what about all the air pollution particles that settle into the tanks together with the rainwater?

In case there is an industrial area nearby, which is quite common, all substances that fall onto the roof may end up in your collection tank. During the seasonal changes, such as the blooming period in the summer, even more foreign particles will be collected with rain. So, the problems with dissolved substances need to be solved, but what is the solution?

Filtration options

AQUAPHOR Professional (APRO) keeps supplying rainwater purification reverse osmosis systems to Western Europe. The recovery of these systems reaches an average of 95%. Space-saving footprint allows the installation in limited areas.

Easy to use and not needing constant maintenance, APRO system is equipped with a patented AQUAPHOR smart control unit, which allows securing the regular supply of drinking water to the household using the technology of multisource. When there is not enough rainwater in a tank, the system automatically switches to a reserve source of inlet water, such as municipal water supply for example.

The benefit of the system for short-time use, which is required for example in summer houses or seasonal hotels, is stagnation protection technology. This function protects the system from bacteria growth or other organic damages. When the system is not in use and is set to standby mode after a certain period, it automatically starts recirculatory of rainwater.

The APRO system purifies water, and then saturates it with minerals to the level necessary for drinking water.

The outstanding characteristics of APRO systems are a space-saving design, low power consumption and minimum required maintenance. The service call will be needed 1-2 times a year. The APRO reverse osmosis system for rainwater treatment is totally suitable for both private and municipal buildings.

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