Laundry Without Detergents, Sweden

Cleaning the laundry with just pure water is a miracle that is scientifically proven. The new type of laundry business takes rise in Scandinavia. They learned to use the power of ultra-clean water, which eliminates grease stains and other dirt from the fabric. At the same time, it leaves the colour in place.

Using ultra-clean water for daily chores also serves the sustainability goals. Laundry detergents are chemically active substances that contaminate water all over the planet. Annually millions of tons of them are released into ecosystems. Scandinavian Water Technology AB (SWATAB) is an eco-conscious company that tackled the problem in a surprisingly direct yet innovative way. SWATAB launched water-only laundry services.

Client’s challenge

SWATAB promotes sustainability tied up with the commercial efficiency of their solutions. With the motto ‘Make the world a cleaner place’ the company has introduced a new type of laundry equipment. First, it is faultlessly doing the cleaning job. Second, it reduces energy consumption, chemicals consumption, waste of water and the risk of detergent-related allergies.

The laundry revolution required work with ad hoc professional filtration solutions to convert regular tap water into a special type of filtered water to get the desired effect.


In 2018, AQUAPHOR developed a novel, state-of-the-art purification system for making extraordinary pure water right in the laundry. Despite the pandemic year of 2020, the Swedish firm has successfully pilot-tested a number of these systems in many laundry facilities in Scandinavia.

The solution allows to cut expenses on detergents, reduce carbon footprint and lower daily expenses of businesses and laundry clients. Both the residents and the landlords showed satisfaction with smaller energy bills and helping the environment at the same time.

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