KFC is a global fast food restaurant chain that masters the art of cooking chicken like no other in the world. KFC operates 20.000 restaurants in 123 countries, 800 locations are spread across all regions of Russia. The strategy in Russia now focuses on setting new outlets in smaller cities with a population below 100.000. This requires even more attention to keeping high-quality standards as returning guests are the key to sales growth.

Client`s challenge

Consistent quality is extremely important for profitability in HORECA. Clients of fast-food restaurants expect the food and beverages to taste the same in every location, every day regardless of where the restaurant is located. Water is a big part of this process. It must be clean and safe, but also - meet the strict water mineral requirements of the KFC brand.

Key problems

To adjust the water in the local tap water source in a unique way for every new outlet, so that water impurities and hardness do not have any negative effects on water using devices in the restaurant.

Safety of clients

Water is used directly at post-mixing stage when cold carbonated drinks are served to customers.

Wrong taste

Taste of food and drinks can get distorted by the excessive minerals in the water.

Equipment fails

Coffee machines and other kitchen equipment is sensitive to water quality. Their unexpected maintenance costs may influence total expenditures.


Aquaphor commercial water treatment osmosis system APRO 500 combined with powerful water softening and iron removing systems Waterboss 380 or WaterMax APQ.

Project data

APRO 500

  • Filtration rate: 500 L/hour
  • Process: RO
  • RO recovery: up to 85%

Waterboss 380, WaterMax APQ

  • Exceptional salt efficiency and softening
  • Ferrous iron reduction, chlorine reduction

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