Dodo Pizza, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Dodo Pizza is a delivery-oriented network which includes 264 restaurants in 10 countries such as China, Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the United States. Company uses natural, high-quality ingredients and a highly efficient process, designed through in-house innovation, deep digital integration and automation.
Dodo Pizza puts special emphasis on technologies and applies their own cloud-dwelling ERP software. Their choice of production equipment is also crucial for business profitability and growth.

Client`s challenge

Dodo Pizza gets its delicious taste thanks to many high quality ingredients with water being the largest proportion among them. It has to be both absolutely free from contamination and possess a specific mineral content. Managing a pizza-parlor also means providing flavorful dishes and beverages as even tea and coffee tastes can get distorted by the wrong mineral balance in water.

Key problems

Water contaminants can influence the knead process and lead to the finished product being chewy and unpleasant to eat instead of a tender crust which adds a significant portion to the consumers experience.

Dough toughness

Water contaminants may coat the leaf surface as a result of constant evaporation. The coating slows down the growth and decreases the market value of the products.

Dough crispness

Crispness is the key to the whole taste of pizza and can vary a lot because of water, which is not acceptable when a stable quality of product is required on a daily basis.



Aquaphor Viking with B520-13 module and Aquaphor RO-203 reverse osmosis system for commercial application with built-in 5 L (1.3 gal) water-on-water storage tank and an additional external water tank.

RO-203 has been successfully applied in such industries as HoReCa, features a patented retentate recirculation system and a unique automatic membrane scrubbing system.

Project data

Aquaphor RO-203

  • Filtration rate: 300 GPD
  • Process: RO
  • RO recovery: up to 80%

Aquaphor Viking with B520-13 cartridge

  • Filter life: 100.000 L
  • Capacity: 25 L per hour


  • Highly efficient, built-in electric pump
  • LСD control panel
  • Optional connection to external tank
  • Minimal operating pressure of 0.8 bar
  • 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane post-filtration
  • Size: 371x190x420 mm (15"x7"x16")

"Water in Saint-Petersburg is generally soft and has medium mineral saturation. But in Dodo Pizza we need uncompromising quality of water for all our production processes to serve our customers with our delicious products.
With Aquaphor RO-203 paired with In-line Viking water filter, we've managed to save a quarter of the total budget we were going to invest in the equipment of another world-known brand. Next year we plan to launch one more Dodo pizza restaurant in Saint-Petersburg and we will definitely continue our cooperation with Aquaphor for the sake of our happy customers."

— Sergey Gritsenko, Restaurant manager

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