Apro 9000 LPH HC
  • Stainless steel Frame and equipment panel
  • Multi Stage Stainless steel 316 pump
  • High rejection TFC Membranes
  • Stainless steel regulation valves
  • FRP side port pressure vessels
  • Motorized feed valve, product drain valve and flush valve
  • Fully equipped electric board with pump protection and soft starter
  • MP controller for quality monitoring with stainless steel probe
  • Stainless steel glycerin-filled Gauges
  • Low Pressure Shutoff
  • Clean-in-Place integrated system
  • High Pressure Stainless steel 316 piping
  • Grundfos DDE antiscalant dosing pumps
  • 100 liter PE antiscalant tank
  • Integrated PLC and color touch screen display with remote control kit
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