UF systems
We design, manufacture and maintain a variety of water treatment systems, based on Ultra-Filtration for any industry and application.

UF technology provide us tools to treat many challenging applications, in which UF exceeds traditional filtration processes such as:

  • High SDI treatment for drinking water
  • High contaminets treatment for drinking water
  • Water recycling for Laundries, Emulsions, Process water, Grey water, Cooling towers.
  • Liquid concentration in the food and beverage industries.
  • Pre-Treatment for RO systems.

Advantages of using UF technology:
Removing particles larger than 0.001 micron
Eliminating the need of micronic filter cartridges
Eliminating bacteria and viruses
Cutting the maintenance costs and shut-down time
Providing high quality product water
Extending the RO membranes life-span
Large scale Ultrafiltration Systems
We design, build and supply Ultrafiltration systems with 0.001 micron absolute cut-off and 98+% permeate recovery for high end filtration requirments. The systems are fully automatic, controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC) assisted by electronic flow meter and pressure transducers.
the PLC also provide full automation and control of acid and base backwash process, to maintain the UF modules clean and ready for further filtration.
Capacities: from 5 m3/h up to any flow rate.
UF-RO systems
All of our RO systems can be equipped with the UF membrane pre-filter to form a single frame UF-RO system, the next generation in RO pre-filtration.

UF pre-filter extends effective life and efficiency of the RO membranes. PLC coordinates UF fast backwash providing uninterrupted supply of RO permeate to the end user and saves cost of backwash water.

UF-RO systems have proven to work unattended and trouble free for the most challenging applications where traditional RO and other filtration processes (Multimedia, GAC and micronic filtration) require expensive and time consuming maintenance.
Solutions for a variety of industries and applications
Hospitals and medical sites
Food and beverage
Hotels and offices buildings
Heavy industry
Energy systems
4,000–30,000 LPH RO & UF-RO
For commercial applications which require high volume clean water supply, we offer consulting and development of 4,000 to 30,000 LPH UF-RO water purification systems. On average large scale project is completed in a month.
Small footprint Ultrafiltration Systems
500 to 4,000 LPH Ultrafiltration systems with 0.01 micron absolute cut-off and 98+% permeate recovery.
This proprietary system is fully automatic. It is run by programmable logic controller (PLC) assisted by electronic flow meter and pressure transducers. PLC reads the flow rate and pressure differential and launches fast three-stage backwash procedure preventing irreversible clogging of UF membrane. PLC is set up to compensate variation in filtration conditions of different feed streams before solidification of polarization layer on the membrane.
Made in Estonia.