Dosing and control
Dosing and control systems for any propose
Our vast knowledge and experience enable us to design the most reliable process control and/or chemical dosing stations.

The dosing and control systems can be provided with a fully pre-built Poly propylene system skid
equipped with spill containment cells or with a wall-mounted installation option.

Our dosing and control main products:
  • Conductivity, PH, ORP controllers and transmitters
  • Chlorination dosing and control systems
  • GRUNDFOS Chlorine dioxide complete reactors and dosing systems
  • Dosing systems for all chemicals and capacities
  • Dosing and control for energy - water based systems such as steam boilers, cooling towers, close loops and hot water.
Solutions for a variety of industries and applications
Hospitals and medical sites
Food and beverage
Hotels and offices buildings
Heavy industry
Energy systems
Dosing Systems
Dosing processes must be accurate and precise to achieve the desired results. We offer complex and sophisticated dosing systems for any process , along with simple dosing units and accessories.
Control Systems
Controlling a process is the key for steady and efficient results. We offer complex and sophisticated control systems for any process , along with a variety of controllers and accessories.