Hospitals and medical sites
Our vast knowledge and experience in Hospitals and Medical facilities enable us to design the most suitable systems for high reliability processes.

The dosing and control systems can be provided with a fully pre-built Polypropylene system skid equipped with spill containment cells or with a wall-mounted installation option.
Products we offer to hospitals and medical sites:
Water for Sterile supply
Water production systems for dialysis systems
Main water treatment systems for general use
Disinfection systems
GRUNDFOS Chlorine dioxide complete reactors and dosing systems
Water for energy systems such as steam boilers , cooling towers , close loops and hot water
Water for laundries
Pure Water (PW) for labs
Bnay Zion Medical Center
Israel, Haifa
The Bnai Zion Medical Center is a municipal-governmental hospital, which provides excellent medical service and a caring touch to the patients from all over the world. Per year Bnai Zion hosts 142 thousand visits to its 65 hospital-based clinics and conveys 14 000 surgeries.
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